We offer a wide range of services to best meet your needs. 

Our packages starts at £275 / month and include the 'Aspiring' level of support across all areas and all services in the 'Performance' category. Levels of supports across all areas can be finalised after profiling.  


Every package starts with profiling

The aim of this is to get a clear picture of your goals, your personal strengths, opportunities to improve, and how we can best achieve your goals. 


All profiling can be undertaken at home but you will need the follow equipment:


Turbo trainer

Power meter

Heart rate monitor

Smart phone


We have detailed 'how to' guides on each aspect of the profiling. Overall you will complete:

SMART goals sheet

On bike bike power profile test

Functional strength assessment

TOPS sports psychology assessment

Nutrition questionnaire 

The cost of the profiling is £200 and this includes the start up fee for your performance plan. 

Performance Plan 


Once you have completed your profiling assessment we will put together a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. 

Each plan is individualised to you. However we offer three levels of support across all areas: 

Aspiring, Elite and World Class 

Each performance plan integrates coaching, monitoring and optimisation.


Come race day we continue to offer support to make sure you execute, these are included in all packages 

Race Day Plans

Sports Psychology

Individualised Warm up 

Nutritional support 

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