Athlete monitoring is incredibly important within a performance plan. It provides the information that your coach needs on how you are adapting to a certain training stimulus, and your current fatigue status. Your coach can then use this information to optimise your training plan to ensure maximal adaptation to a training stimulus 

Monitoring encompasses several areas;

1) Adaptation Monitoring (LSCT)

2) Readiness to Train Questionnaire

3) RPE Efforts 

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Additionally, and of equal importance, is high quality of communication between you the athlete and your coach. One of the most important questions your coach will ask you is ‘how do you feel today?’.

As with all elements of our performance plans there is a cross-over between monitoring, coaching and optimisation. For example, repeating physiological testing allows your coach to assess your improvements longitudinally. This allows your coach to determine the training intensity distribution and type of effort that you best respond to. Without adequate monitoring we cannot optimise the training process.