Coaching is what we do – however coaching is far more than simply writing a training plan!


Coaching is supporting you to reach your goals. We pride ourselves on, not only offering world class sports science support, but the fact that we go on a performance journey with all our athletes. We care, and because we care we invest our own energy into helping you achieve your goals. 

If your looking for a world class team of coaches and sport scientists that cares, one that is invested in how you perform, if you want to stand on the start line of your event with a team behind you, knowing that you have done everything possible to be in the best shape and have optimised every aspect of performance, then a performance package is for you. 

We split coaching up into 4 main areas

1) Tactics and Performance Analysis

2) Coach contact


3) Training Plans


4) Goal Setting 

 Please click on the relevant logo below to find out more about each area: