Women's Training Camp Mojacar Andalucia

2-9th December  

£750 /pp 

Why a women's only camp?

This is a women's only camp so that it provides the best training environment for competitive women cyclists to prepare for next season. As a coach I am lucky enough to work with a number of professional women cyclists. One thing that has always stood out when working with these professional athletes is the quality of the training while on their team training camps. From my experience working with women athletes of all levels, the quality of the training isn't as high on mixed gender camps. Often on mixed camps the pace is either too slow or too quick in mixed groups to provide the optimal training stimulus for the women I coach. Therefore, because I work with a number of highly competitive women, I wanted to offer a replication of a team training camp environment to those riders who aren't part of a professional women's team. The foundation for next year's results is built in the winter months. The aim of this camp is to provide women athletes with the optimal training conditions during the winter months to maximise performance next summer.  

Why Mojacar?

In my time as a professional cyclist I was lucky enough to have been on training camps all over europe. From Girona to Mallorca, the Alps and the Pyrenees. Mojacar, in my opinion, offers the best training opportunities for base training. The good quality quiet roads are perfect for group riding. There are plenty of climbs to keep the rides interesting but also flat rides along the coast. It is for this reason that professional teams have been visiting this area for years. In addition Mojacar receives on average half as much rain in December than Mallorca and an average December temperature of 16 degrees celsius. 

Valle del Este Golf Resort 

A 25% deposit will be payable upon booking. The remaining balance will be required 60 days before the departure date for full details please see our terms and conditions 

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