Physiological Testing

Physiological testing is the performance diagnostics tool of sports science. 


Using our battery of validated testing protocols we can determine how your body is functioning and therefore determine the areas to focus on to maximise performance. 


We conduct physiological testing both in the lab and in the field. Using power meter data, blood lactate response, oxygen uptake and breath by breath analysis we can show you how your body is performing, and how you are improving over time. 


We have partnered with the Boardman Performance Centre for all lab-based protocols - VO2 max test, lactate profiling, ramp testing. However, we also perform in the field CP and lactate testing. Physiological testing is not a one test fits all discipline; we use a range of methods to answer the most important performance questions. 


We can then, over time, repeat those tests to track your progress and identify changes over time. This information gets fed back into the development of your training program to ensure we are optomising your response to induce the performance gains you need for your target event(s).