Performance Plans

To maximise performance, it needs to be considered from every angle. An all-encompassing approach where nothing is left to chance and every angle is considered and optimised. 

Our Performance Plans integrate 'Coaching' 'Optimisation' and 'Monitoring' to ensure that you reach your full potential. 

Once you have completed your profiling you will have a clear idea in which areas the biggest performance gains can be made. Your coach will then develop a customised performance plan that is designed to target these areas. 

A performance plan consists of 3 elements which when combined produce optimal performance;

Coaching - the day to day training you undertake. This might focus on physiological factors such as endurance or threshold power but may also focus on skills development or mental approaches. Each session has a specific focus which is determined by the information from your profiling as to where you can improve the most. 

Monitoring - monitoring and coaching go hand in hand. Your coach will prescribe training and monitor the outcome. The information derived from the monitoring feeds directly back into the prescription of the next training block. 

Optimisation - performance is never due to a single element. Performance is always multi-dimensional. Therefore, to maximise performance, we need to maximise your performance in all the areas that have an influence on how you perform come race day. We offer services designed to optimise every one of these areas. Your performance plan then integrates these services into your daily training and how we monitor your progression. 

Each area is broken down further into its component parts. Please click on each individual logo in the performance plan logo below to find out more information. 

You may notice some overlay between areas - this is deliberate as we cannot for example know if an element is optimised if we don't monitor it long term. Likewise, any daily monitoring should feed directly into training prescription. 


Levels of Performance Plan:

The concept of a Performance Plan is to integrate, 'Coaching', ,Monitoring' and 'Optimisation'. In order to achieve this we have grouped our products together into 8 main areas where we can offer  'World Class', 'Elite' and 'Aspiring' levels of support. 

Below you can see the 'World Class', 'Elite' and 'Aspiring' level of support in each area - simply hover over the relevant logo to see a summary and click on 'more details' for a full breakdown of each service. 

However, every performance plan is individualised to the individual athlete. We take account of your budget, your goals, the amount of time you have available to train, and the information about you collected from your profiling to provide a plan that maximises the gains for the resources you have available. So it is quite possible that your performance plan includes different levels of support. 

Likewise a performance plan isn't linked to an event. The content of a performance plan is designed to have the biggest impact on your performance. Therefore, performance plans for two athletes with the same goal may be very different to each other as the respective performance plans are tailored to the needs of the individual in order to maximise performance. 

The level of support in any specific area is decided upon after you have completed profiling process (either basic or advanced). Only once we have completed the profiling process do we know where you are make the biggest gains and therefore where you should invest your time and energy. 


How a Plan Works in Practice:

Below is a simplified outline of one of our performance plans. Each plan starts with Step 1, Profiling. After that you and your coach discuss your individual profile and decide upon the content of your performance plan.


At this point your coach will start to set training and monitor your adaptation.


The optimisation elements of your plan will be scheduled in at the appropriate times leading up to your target event(s). After each optimisation, you, your coach, and the relevant sport scientist, will discuss the progress made. At this point you and your coach will reassess your performance plan and make any changes, if appropriate. 

This integrated process of coaching, monitoring and optimising continues as your performances improve, culminating with optimal performance on the day of your target event(s).

We ask for a minimum 6-month commitment from any athlete to give the appropriate time to fit in all elements of your performance plan. 

The elements shown below are only an example as every performance plan is individual. The red arrows show where one element influences another, for example, after each optimisation session the performance plan is reassessed and changes are made accordingly to the training plan and monitoring.