Monthly Coaching Packages

Every training plan starts with an individual consultation where we discuss your goals. We also establish how to best balance training with family, work and any other factors within your everyday life. 

The physiological demands of your goals are then established.


You will then undergo a power profile test. From this test we calculate your current level of fitness and provide you with personalised training zones 

The demands of your goals are then compared with your current level of fitness and a plan is put together to take you from where you are now to where you need to be. This is known as an 'Annual Training Plan'.

Training is set based on your personalised training zones. These are constantly evaluated through both field-testing and training file analysis to ensure that these zones are correct and accurate as you progress.  

Every time your coach evaluates a training file they will asses that file in relation to your goals and annual training plan to ensure your training is on track. 

You will be provided with a training peaks account – if you don’t have one already - to which you can upload your training sessions. You will receive a daily email outlining your training for the following two days. Your Coach will provide feedback on individual training sessions through your TrainingPeaks account. 

Package 1

With this package you will receive weekly training programs and feedback. After completion each individual file is analysed both in terms of the session in isolation and within the context of your overall goals.

Feedback is given on each individual session and any areas for improvement are identified for to take forward into the upcoming training sessions.

In addition overall feedback in the context of how you are progressing towards your goals is given on a weekly basis.

The weekly analysis of your training files alongside the overall plan you and your coach have put together forms the basis upon which the next week's training will be set. 

You coach is available on a monthly basis to discuss the progress you are making.

£150 / month

Training set weekly

Annual Training Plan

Individualised Training Zones

Feedback on sessions given weekly

Email contact with coach once per week, monthly phone conversation

Basic TrainingPeaks account

Package 2
£250 / month

With this package individual sessions and efforts are constantly evaluated. This allows your training to be constantly tweaked to ensure that each session is tailored to helping you reach your goals. 

Training is set on a weekly basis but is reviewed a minimum of twice a week. Every time your coach analyses a training file the overall plan is reassessed. 

Feedback is given on individual sessions and your coach is available on a daily basis to evaluate and give feedback on your training.

This package is what professional athletes use in the run up to their most important goals.

This very close working relationship with your coach means your coach will build up an intimate knowledge of you as an athlete to ensure that your training is as tailored and specific as it can be to you as an athlete.  

With package two you also enjoy the additional benefits of a premium Trainingpeaks account.


Training set weekly

Annual Training Plan with ongoing assessment 

Individualised Training Zones

Unlimited Feedback 

Unlimited contact with coach - email or phone 

Premium TrainingPeaks account

Best Bike Split Account