Lactate Profile Testing

£125 each or £300 for 3 tests

Lactate profile testing is for athletes who are looking for precision in their training. To train accurately it is important to know your lactate thresholds. 


The first lactate threshold (L1) represents the maximum wattage you can ride out without an accumulation of lactate acid - this is the maximum wattage you should be riding at on your base rides. 

The second lactate threshold (L2) represents the maximum sustainable wattage - this is the power you should aim for in a time trial but it also represents the minimum wattage you should be aiming for in intervals. 

Our lactate test protocol has been designed to measure both your L1 and L2 thresholds. This will allow you to train accurately and get the most out of your time on the bike. 

The test takes approximately 2.5hrs in total - approximately 1.5hrs testing time. 

After the test you will be presented with a comprehensive report and training zones. We offer a multiple test package to enable you to track your progress throughout the year. 

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