Health comes first. You cannot be a strong athlete without first being a healthy athlete. 


Our advanced performance profiling includes assessments of:

Respiratory: spirometry (lung function) at rest (peak expiratory flow, FVC, FEV1); lung-age



Cardiovascular: resting blood pressure; exercise blood pressure (if indicated); cardiovascular risk score (heart age)


Blood lipid: resting blood glucose, total cholesterol, HDL/LDL


Haematology (anaemia risk): haemoglobin ([Hb]) and haematocrit ([Hct]) concentrations


Body composition: body mass and stature (height), body mass index and estimated body surface area; segmental lean muscle mass, density and estimated fat (segmental bioelectric impedance)


Musculoskeletal health, risk and function: flexibility and range-of-motion; leg-length discrepancies


Subjective movement assessment: functional movement competence

Foot assessment: shoe fit and suitability


In addition, we will provide you with the latest scientific advice on how to stay healthy while training and racing.