Aerodynamics is a key component in cycling performance. When cycling at 40kmph, ~80% of the resistance is caused by aerodynamic drag. 

The aerodynamic properties of an object are primarily explained by two measurements. Firstly, how ‘slippery’ that object is, i.e. how well the air passes over the surface of the object – we call this the coefficient of drag (Cd). Secondly, the frontal area of that object (A) , i.e. how big the object is and therefore how much air is disturbed as the object moves. These two measures can be combined to give CdA (m2). The lower the CdA the faster a cyclist will travel for the same power! 

We have partnered with the Boardman Performance Centre to offer Aerodynamic Profiling and Optimisation in their wind tunnel facility. These sessions are focused on improving performance by lowering your CdA and making you travel faster for the same power.